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I've never played someone like Nathan, so I'm kind of nervous how I handle him. If you've seen the show, please let me know if I'm doing it right, or wrong! I'll gladly take any suggestions on how to improve, and would be grateful!

Comments screened, anon is on, IP logging is off. Comment away, oh knowledgeable denizens of the internet!




Because whoever was the anon that just gifted me a paid account and 115 icons, I love you. I haven't even been in this game for three days and someone already jie;ajh;hafjeia;h


And now, I had plans to watch a documentary today, but I'm gonna spend the rest of the day making more Nathan icons, because I do not have enough right now to fill 115 slots.

Thank you so much oh my god.

3% total memory regain

You'd think a break would be in order after getting electrocuted, or nearly murdered! Jesus!

Why the fuck am I always surrounded by psychos trying to kill me? Once was enough, thank you, I didn't need to remember the psychotic probation worker too.

((OOC: 1% on The Storm, and 1% on Tony trying to kill them/Gary's body/Alisha's power. 2% remaining.))

Come on, if you're going to shoot me in the head, at least give me some time to prepare for it! Jesus! No one's got any fucking courtesy anymore.

...wait a--I'm alive?! I'm alive! HAHA! I'm alive! Cockfaced arsehole shot me point-blank and didn't even kill me! What do you think of that now, you bastard?
Shit! Why the fuck didn't anyone tell me the girl whose knickers I was trying to nab looks like someone's gran?!

((Translation: he means the pegasi))

What the fuck? Why didn't anyone ever mention we had unicorns around here? Come on, we're all sitting here on our arses worried about bears when we have fucking unicorns?! Let's get with the program, folks, come on! Sure, you may not be the brightest bunch around, but surely even you could've thought to just set the unicorns out, and they would've all eaten those bears alive!

Problem: solved. I'll take my applause now, thank you very much.
It's been a month since I got here, and I only start remembering things now? How is that supposed to work? I'm no expert in this voodoo mind shit, but I'm pretty sure it doesn't work that way.

And what the fuck was that note about anyway? We didn't get any gifts! What a load of crap, whoever wrote it was obviously high. ...Maybe they're trying to tell us where we can find some skunk! Like some secret code hidden into the message, you know?

((OOC: 1% on his mom and his feelings about her during his early teenage years. Boyfriends not included. 1% remaining. If anyone is willing to donate Britishisms regarding marijuana other than what I heard as 'skunk', I would be more than happy to accept!))

Recycling posts is for the cool kids, yo.

Well, this is great. I love waking up feeling like someone's just shagged me through my eyesockets. Now if someone could just tell me why I'm in some medieval tourist town in the country of What The Fuck, I'd be happy.

You know what else would be nice? Knowing where all my memories have gone. What the fuck, I can't remember anything except my name! You know, "Nathan" is a real useful bit of information for bullshit places like this.

This is going just wonderful so far, isn't it? Oh, but it's okay--here's a town, and some random people, and a free flat while we're at it!

Sure, thanks, I really appreciate you giving me a place to stay for the low, low price of all my memories!

Who's the twat in charge of this whole place, anyway?